New Co-Funding & Collaboration platform supported by SOCITM, Local Public Services CIO Council & Better Connected.


The new public sector co-funding and collaboration platform CC2i (Co-fund and Collaborate to Innovate), has won the support of SOCITM, Better Connected and the Local Public Services CIO Council 


CC2i complements initiatives being developed by LCIOC and Socitm’s Better Connected programme to unlock and enable cross-sector digital collaboration and to help digital SMEs overcome public sector procurement barriers.  


CC2i is based on the premise that many public sector organisations face similar challenges and therefore could benefit from the same technology, but are rarely in a position to design, commission and develop relevant solutions. Previous public sector partnerships have demonstrated that significant savings can be delivered when collaborating with others and successful collaboration can be more efficient and more effective than designing and developing alone.  


The CC2i platform has launched to enable effective digital collaboration across the UK; a mechanism to elicit co-funding, co-design and development across public sector to deliver better, more relevant and more sustainable digital products.  


This approach fully supports the Local CIO Council’s aim to, ‘support ICT-enabled local public services collaboration and partnership working’. It offers a wealth of opportunity to further high-quality digital transformation, in spite of budgetary constraints across UK public sector.  


Better Connected, Socitm’s highly respected survey of council online performance, will this Autumn introduce on its website an index of local digital innovation that councils are willing to share with other public service organisations, a move that complements the CC2i initiative. Further details of the Index will be published soon. 


CC2i Founder Guy Giles says; 


“CC2i is challenging the status quo in terms of public sector digital and we are really pleased to have the support and collaboration of leading industry bodies such as SOCITM and the Local CIO. This not only adds weight to our approach, but confirms our belief around the timing and currency of CC2i. Having worked across the digital public sector for 15 years, we really feel that the time is right for structured and supported public sector collaboration and that this will result in significant savings, better products and improved outcomes.” 


Socitm Director of Policy and Research Martin Ferguson, who is also responsible for the LCIOC and Better Connected programmes says: 


The invitation to support and collaborate with the CC2i initiative came just as LCICO had been considering the Better Connected proposals to provide an index of council digital shares. We had no hesitation in accepting the invitation. 


The CC2i platform is open to teams across public sector who want to develop a digital solution or take something they have developed in-house to the next stage. As well as SMEs who want to develop solutions and digital products in collaboration with public sector bodies, but who are often shut out or stifled by complicated procurement procedures.  


A simple process underlines the idea for digital collaboration - either on a solution or consultation to inform a digital approach - from an initial pitch, through to co-funding stage whereby the idea is shared and promoted by CC2i across relevant public sector bodies and agencies to raise interest and pledges. Once the co-funding target has been reached, the pitch goes into the project phase, and when delivered and rolled out the end solution can remain on CC2i as a product for other public sectors to access.   


Ideas can come from any service or department within public sector. Already there are pitches focused on personal data protection, adult social services, crowdsourcing content for customer services and change management, with a number of health related pitches in the pipeline. Projects already underway include one around a digital approach to physical activity and a number of products relevant to health, welfare & benefits, self-care and improved customer service provision.  


CC2i is keen to hear from digital teams across the UK who have developed in-house products that are ready to be commercialised or who are keen to do so, as well as SMEs who have smart ideas for digital transformation but can’t get a foothold in the public sector market. There’s a lot of good development happening across the country that can be shared. It’s time for a change in how the public sector does digital and collaboration is key.