Exciting Collaboration Opportunity for Local Authorities around GDPR


Data protection experts KnowNow Information have launched an exciting collaboration opportunity for local authorities keen to investigate the impact new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will have on their business and how to use innovative technology to ensure compliance.  


Working with the new public sector co-funding and collaboration platform CC2i, KnowNow are looking to bring together a group of around 5-10 local authorities to collaborate around GDPR. It is believed the pooling of the shared knowledge and collective analysis of the steps required to meet the new legislation will save substantial duplication by each local authority and inform the wider sector.  


KnowNow Director Chris Cooper says:

"The General Data Protection Regulations replace the Data Protection Act in May 2018 and will mean significant change in how local authorities manage personal data, as the new approach introduces the concept of user-granted clear, ongoing, unambiguous consent. Our research suggests  that many councils are unaware of the requirements of GDPR and the significant impact it will have on their business." 


Personal data is critical to local authorities particularly in health and social care. In response to GDPR KnowNow has developed 'Consentua', the first consent management tool designed to meet the compliance challenges of the incoming legislation. Consentua was originally funded by Innovate UK and developed by a team of experts who have worked with Local Authorities on data requirements for more than 15 years 


In essence the technology captures user consent and displays via a single view dashboard, giving the service provider requiring the personal data a GDPR compliant audit of consent from all users. It has been designed to be an open standard, does not itself hold any personal data, and is simply an audit tally of how personal data is used by an app/system.  


CC2i Founder & MD Guy Giles says: 


"KnowNow's GDPR-focused pitch on CC2i is a perfect example of how local authorities can work together with innovative SMEs to investigate and address new challenges head on.  


"Collaboration is often talked about but rarely achieved. We believe this co-funding and collaboration opportunity has all the elements required for success: a clear business case, project focus, great innovation and specific outcomes driven by a new business requirement all councils need to achieve."