The ‘corporate’ crowdfunding platform for public sector digital transformation


New Co-Funding platform launched this week to make digital collaboration work for public sector.


CC2i (Co-fund and Collaborate to Innovate) went live this week with the aim of supporting public sector organisations to co-fund digital service development. Based on similar principles to successful crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indigogo, CC2i is crowdfunding for public sector on a corporate scale.


The platform is based on the premise that many public sector organisations face similar challenges and could therefore benefit from the same technology, but are rarely in a position to design, commission and develop worthwhile solutions on their own. Previous public sector partnerships have demonstrated the significant savings to be had by collaborating with others rather than tackling the development single handedly. CC2i is designed to enable proper digital collaboration; a mechanism to elicit co-funding, co-design and development to deliver better, relevant and more sustainable digital products.


The platform is open to teams across public sector who want to develop a digital solution or take something they have developed in-house to the next stage. It’s also open to SMEs who want to develop solutions and digital products in collaboration with public sector organisations, but who are often shut out or hampered by complicated procurement procedures.


Ideas can come from any service or department within public sector; CC2i has already attracted pitches around mental health, adult social services, crowdsourcing content for customer services and personal data protection. Projects already underway include one around a digital approach to physical activity and a number of products relevant to health, welfare & benefits, self-care and improved customer-service provision.


Once pitched, CC2i  then promotes the ideas to relevant organisations in the sector to raise awareness and encourage co-funding and collaboration. By pledging money each partner organisation is then directly involved in the development of the project as well as subsequent local rollout. Each idea will have a clear business case, along with contracts and service level agreements that an organisation would expect when commissioning a service or product of this nature.


The founder of CC2i, Guy Giles, has 15-years experience of developing and delivering digital services across the public sector via his management of LookingLocal, a collaborative technology provider owned and managed by Kirklees Council.


Guy commented: “I have seen some of the best and some of the worst examples of ‘how to do it’ when it comes to all things digital. Austerity has come along and offers up both a challenge and an opportunity to the sector. We’re all used to hearing the words: ‘It's about transforming the way we do things,’ and ‘We need to share and collaborate more.’ But profound change, delivered via professional, reliable and effective digital technology does not come easily or cheap.


So this is our call to arms. CC2i provides a platform for co-funding great ideas, collaborating on their development and enabling digital innovation to actually happen. We're a new business, looking to disrupt, and ultimately transform the way in which digital gets done in the public sector across the UK.


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Crowdfunding on a corporate scale - making digital collaboration work for local authorities, housing associations and health organisations across the UK